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Travel Nurse Salary: How Much do Travel Nurses Make?

Travel Nurse Salary: How Much do Travel Nurses Make?

A travel nurse salary is usually based on the hours worked. Travel nurses are registered nurses who are akin to freelance workers. Instead of being stationed to an assigned hospital and a medical facility/institution, they are free to travel to various locations that need nursing staff due to shortages.

After being employed by an independent nursing agency, travel nurses will receive a contract to work in places that have requested additional staff or have a shortage in their health human resources. Travel nurses enjoy better benefits such as travel, better and competitive pay, and various benefits that include free housing. They also have the freedom to choose where to travel and work aside from places assigned by their respective agency.

Travel Nurse Salary: How Much Do Travel Nurses Make?

A travel nurse’s salary depends on several factors; however, they usually earn around $3,000 per week, and this is only the potential amount. Some can even make more than that amount in places where there is a high demand for additional nurses due to pandemic, like with the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently going on.

For example, due to the current pandemic, cities like New York are offering compensation packages of over $10,000 per week or a $100,000 salary for 13 weeks. Isn’t that amazing?

How Do Travel Nurses Earn Their Pay?

Aside from the regular payments that they receive via their contracts, travel nurses can take specific tasks and assignments that provide additional pay and various bonuses on top of their salary, which are listed below:

1. Rapid Response and Crisis Assignments

As the name suggests, this is where travel nurses are most needed in rapid succession. They are usually deployed within two weeks or less for hospitals or medical institutions experiencing shortages or sudden demand in emergency responses.

The huge demand can also be due to unexpected census spikes, unit openings, EMR upgrades, and other factors that the hospital or medical institution has not foreseen or has not adequately prepared for.

Additionally, if there is an ongoing crisis happening, most hospitals will request for additional staff, and most nursing agencies will respond to their calls. Visit www.maidthis.com/denver/. It will result in them sending their travel nurses as fast as 48 hours after the request has been made.

2. Bonuses

Similar to any other job, travel nurses are eligible for bonuses just like their regular counterparts. However, there are differences between hospital and agency bonuses, and the additional ones, which are both explained below.

Hospital bonuses are separately paid from bill rates and can only be received if the assignment has been completed. The amount ranges from $250 to $5,000.

Agency bonuses can be taken out from bill rates and affects overall pay.

Retention bonuses usually range from $100 or $2,000 or more. It is given as a bonus for taking multiple assignments at once.

Referral bonuses are given when a travel nurse refers someone to their agency to become a travel nurse. This is usually paid from $500 to $4,000 per referral.

3. Strikes

Strikes usually happen when a worker’s union of a hospital and the hospital do not come to terms with each other, usually due to undercompensation. The disagreement usually ends up in a strike, and this leads to a shortage of healthcare workers.

When strikes happen, hospitals will hire additional staff to combat the upcoming shortage in human resources due to the strike and will pay a higher salary to those who will be hired.

Now that you know more about travel nurses salary and how much do travel nurses make, isn’t it amazing to become one? You can find out more about how to be a travel nurse on Nursing.org. For travel nurse support in terms of accommodation and other needs, feel free to read our other articles here on the Home Trade blog.

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 Travel Nurse Salary: How Much Do Travel Nurses Make?

Being a travel nurse is a hot job nowadays, so read more on how to be one, how much do travel nurses make and more about travel nurse salary in this article!

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