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Travel Nurse Jobs: What Will It Cost Me to Relocate?

Getting a new travel nurse job or a new position or company is very thrilling, but the relocation part can be complicated. The move could be a taxing change in life. Before you settle to relocate for a travel nurse job, the decision-making process requires a considerable number of considerations. But as it turns out, deciding might be a piece of cake. 

One of the challenges in relocating is thinking of how much the relocation will cost you. Hopefully, the guide below may help make your decision-making as smooth as possible.

Cost of Selling and Moving

Selling your home could sound like an efficient way to gain money for relocation, but selling your home could cost you a lot too. In marketing your house, you may need a real estate agent who can teach you during the selling process. There may be few problems in your house that may need some fixing as well, like home repairs that you have to address. You may need to do home improvements like landscaping, repainting, replacing furniture, cabinets, and bathroom hardware and fixtures. You may need to do some tweaking in your house to sell it well. So, about 7-10% of your selling price will be used and divided on the following: commissions for the real estate agent, repairs, improvements, and staging of the house.  The tip is you have to be wise in doing the tweaks. You can opt for inexpensive furniture and fixes. Also, get an outstanding real estate agent, a knowledgeable real estate agent with excellent communication and negotiation skills.

You will have to pay attention to the moving costs too. You will have to either rent a moving truck or hire a moving company. You have to consider the toll costs, the packing materials such as containers or boxes, and the cost of fuel when you rent a truck. You may even need to hire a driver for the car.  You may also hire a moving company. The hiring company will supply all your packing materials, they will pack up your belongings, they will disassemble and assemble the furniture, they have full truck service which includes transportation, and loading and unloading your belongings. They will unpack for you and dispose of the packing materials for you. The cost of moving may be about $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the distance between your old place to your new, and how many belongings you have.

Travel Nurse Job: Costs of Getting Settled

Aside from the moving as mentioned above costs, you will have to deal with the costs of your house rental as soon as you settle on your new location, especially if you are going to live in temporary housing until you get a permanent home.

Employer Paid Expenses

Check whether your travel nurse job relocation package includes what they will cover and reimburse. It will help your budget. 

Let Home Trade Help

After setting your budget, you may seek property portal websites like Home Trade to know many house deals.

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