travel nurse rentalsTraveling Nurse Rentals – You Have Housing Options

Are you looking for traveling nurse rentals? In this article, we will cover some travel nurse rentals and housing options that you may want to try.

Being a travel nurse is an exciting job that offers a wonderful opportunity to travel to new places and experience various environments. However, moving to another city comes with challenges. Looking for travel nurse rentals may appear tedious. There are several options to consider. Each individual has their personal housing preferences that are based on their lifestyle and goals. It is essential to take note of the things that are important to you while you decide on traveling nurse rentals. Factors that you should keep in mind in choosing rental for traveling nurses besides your lifestyle are proximity to work, appliances, neighborhood safety and security, and length of stay.

Traveling nurse rentals is available in two options. One is agency-placed housing, wherein your agency will look for your housing. Second is through stipend pay, in which you will take a stipend that will pay for your accommodation. Each rental for traveling nurses has its advantages, and one option is not necessarily more effective than the other. It depends on what will work best for you.

Agency-placed housing will save you your time, as your agency will be the one to look for your accommodation. With this, you do not have the burden of paying money upfront for a security deposit or arranging utilities. On the other hand, stipend pay makes you have more control of your housing, and how you want to live on it. This may be more time consuming for you, but it offers you more flexibility.

Here are some types of travel nurse rentals that you can choose from. Find out which rental for traveling nurses suits you best.

Apartment or House Rental

The apartment is the standard choice for a traveling nurse. The apartment price depends on its location, how many bedrooms it has, and the convenience it offers. Living in an apartment will allow you to have amenities such as security, parking space, and trash pickup. Most apartments have a lease contract that lasts a year. HomeTrade can make arrangements for you if you plan to be in rental for traveling nurses for less than a year. 

Room Sharing

If you favor some company in your room or house, subletting a room or bed by renting it out to a roommate would be a good option. There are some great reasons for having a roommate. Having a roommate means having someone else around who can ease your loneliness. If you have pets or plants, and you are not home to take care of them, your roommate may be kind enough to do it. They could also receive mails on your behalf if you are out-of-town. You can split the chores with them, as well as save money.

However, there are also cons. Having a roommate means having less privacy. They may also miss payments, and some can be messy. The key is to get to know the person you will sublet the room to, set rules and boundaries, and most importantly, establish a friendship.

Live with Family or Friends

If your assigned location is near a friend or family, you can stay with them. You can pay for the space they will give you, or they may ask you to share with the utility bills. You can also help with house chores.  Living with your friends or relatives could help you deal with stress. You will have people to talk to about your problems. It can also be an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with them.

Don’t forget to give them sincere compliments and gratitude. Keep in mind, however, that you have to respect their time and space.


One of the viable traveling nurse rentals is a hotel. Although they are not cost-effective, extended-stay hotels can offer a studio or one-bedroom unit that may have a fully-furnished kitchen, fast internet connection, and access to other amenities like swimming pool, laundry service, restaurant, and fitness gyms. You will also get hotel services like housekeeping. You can let someone else take care of the housework. You would not have to worry about taking out your trash or scrubbing your bathroom clean after a hard day’s work.

Get an RV

Living in a van, trailer, or RV is another option for a travel nurse. Renting an apartment or hotel can be more expensive in the long-run. Investing in an RV may be more cost-efficient. Wherever you are assigned, you will always have an equipped and furnished space that feels like home. Having an RV could carry you closer to the outdoors. You can have a tour of campsites and parks during your rest days or when you feel like you want to breath fresh air after a stressful week. You can also take your pets along with you anywhere you go. A downside, however, is finding parking areas. Parking areas for RV might be far from your workplace.

Finding traveling nurse rentals that you can call a “home away from home” is challenging, but it is not impossible. If everything gets too stressful, remember that you have Home Trade will offer you guidance, assistance, and advice on choosing travel nurse rentals that suit you.

Are you looking for traveling nurse rentals? This article talks about travel nurse rentals in Home Trade that you may try.

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