travel nurse housingTravel Nurse Housing: 7 Tips for Finding the Best Short Term Furnished Rental

Knowing where to find short-term traveling nurse housing is often one of the most overwhelming tasks that a travel nurse can experience. Many healthcare professionals think that the only rental options that are available to them are traditional long-term leases that require at least a one-year commitment. However, when you know how to approach this situation and where to look, it can be much easier to find a good short-term housing solution for medical professionals. This is especially important right now as more and more nurses are taking on short-term assignments to help with the COVID-19 healthcare crisis. You can here to find out more about travel nursing.

Short-term travel nurse housing offers several important benefits for busy nurses on short-term assignments:

– The apartment or house is furnished – you don’t have to purchase furniture or other necessities.

– Flexible short-term leases are available – owners who offer short-term leases are willing to consider any 30+ day rental time frames.

– Wi-fi is set up already – you don’t need to deal with contracts or cable companies.

– Utilities are paid – as a busy professional, you won’t have to call heating or electric companies to get your accounts set up.

The following are 7 useful tips to help you find the best short term furnished rental for your needs:

1. Check the short-term rental options that are available before accepting an assignment.

Doing this can help you determine if the compensation package you are being offered is a good match for the area’s cost of living. It will also ensure that there are viable short-term traveling nurse housing options in the area so that you don’t get stuck staying in a motel that doesn’t come with a full kitchen and other necessary amenities. Use the tools discussed below to do a quick search of the housing situation in the area after you are presented with a compensation package and before you sign a contract.

2. Make a list of your housing requirements

Some of the things that you might want to consider include:

– commuting distance
– are all utilities included in the rent
– does the rental include a full kitchen
– do you need to have pet-friendly housing
– what appliances come with the housing

Also, come up with a budget for you both your monthly expenses and a deposit.

3. Reach out to any people you know in the area to ask them if they are aware of any short-term rentals.

If you have family members, friends, or colleagues who live in the area, ask them if they know about any short-term housing options in the local area.

They might also have good insights on other aspects such as commute times and the overall safety of various areas. This information can all be very useful when you are determining the best travel nurse housing option for you.

For safety concerns, you can also check websites and local police stations for information on the neighborhoods with the lowest crime.

4. Check travel healthcare pages and housing groups.

As travel healthcare and nursing has become more prevalent, some landlords now specifically target healthcare professionals to offer their rentals to. They often have travel healthcare pages and websites set up specifically to help healthcare professionals find short-term housing.

There are many Facebook groups for traveling nurses and other healthcare professionals that share housing options. You can also find nurses who are looking to share short-term housing rentals. The larger groups will usually be the most active and have the most up-to-date information.

Check out the group regulations and rules. Find out if the group is being monitored for fraudulent postings and if landlords must meet certain requirements before they are allowed to post.

Some groups will also have an option where you can make a post to outline the type of housing you are searching for and also to request references from past tenants.

5. Check short-term rental websites

Although Facebook groups can definitely be a good tool to use, they tend to be largely unregulated and are not the most reliable or organized way to find short-term housing.

Fortunately, there are many websites that have been designed specifically to help people locate short-term housing. Many landlords on those websites also like renting to travel nurses and other healthcare professionals. Those landlords are often good to work with since they understand the needs of travel healthcare professionals.

A major benefit of short-term rental websites is they allow you to customize your searches. They will often allow you to search by search neighborhoods and customize other features such as pet-friendliness and rent amount.

These websites will also provide you with contact information so you can contact the landlord about their rental. Many of these types of websites also offer reviews of landlords and verification services to protect renters against scams.

One good resource to check is Home Trade for information on short-term traveling nurse housing.

6. Work out the deposit

Most short-term rentals are going to require a deposit. As we discussed in our first tip, you should budget for the deposit ahead of time to know what you can afford.

A majority of deposits are non-refundable. So if your contract ends up being canceled for some reason, that could be an issue. Also, find out when your deposit will be refunded after you move out.

7. Be flexible

Keep in mind that there are many short-term rental options that are available to you and that these types of rentals tend to move fast. That is why it is very important to stay flexible and know how to move through the process efficiently.

When you are searching for housing, set a day aside to sit down and work out a housing plan for yourself. When you sent out a message or inquiry to a landlord but don’t hear back right away, don’t wait and pass other potential options up. Travel healthcare housing options tend to fill up within days so if you hesitate for too long you may end up missing out on a good housing option. That is why it is important to know what your needs are ahead of time and to be familiar with the process. That way you can act quickly but still get a good short-term housing solution.

Another important part of being flexible is to be willing to try out different kinds of short-term housing. There are many options available including short-term apartment and house rental, Airbnb rentals, extended stay hotels, and even RV and camping solutions. The key is to find a short-term travel nurse housing solution that is comfortable, safe and meets all of your main requirements.

If you plan ahead, do your research, and follow all of the advice above in our 7 tips for finding the best short-term furnished rental, you should be able to find an outstanding housing solution that meets your needs. If this is a new experience for you, keep in mind that the process will continue to get easier the more you do it. As you advance in your traveling nurse career, you will gain more experience, add new contacts, find additional resources, and learn more about what your own personal requirements and needs are. Finding good housing might appear to be the most stressful aspect of taking on an assignment in a new city, but once you start to know what to look for, you will be able to easily find great short-term housing that meets your needs and preferences.

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