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Travel Nurse Blog: Deciding On Your Assignment Location

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Are you looking for a travel nurse blog that can give you tips on how to choose your next assignment location? Well, look no further!

Deciding on your assignment location as a travel nurse is an exciting yet challenging part of decision-making. Considering the number of places that you can explore, your new assignment offers enormous opportunities for career-seekers like you. However, you may need to find a lot of factors, such as standards of living, the validity of your credentials, your salary, your safety, and of course, your professional growth. In this blog, we will discuss each factor individually with corresponding tips that might help you. Continue reading this travel nurse blog post, and you’ll be heading towards your new assignment in no time!  

Travel Nurse Blog Tips

So, what are the things that you need to consider before accepting your new assignment? Here are the important ones that we have noted down here in our travel nurse blog post:


Before deciding to accept your next assignment location, check your area of the assignment first. Remember, this will be your new workplace and your new home. The location speaks a lot about its situation. Do not go to a place where the costs of living will quickly eat up your hard-earned paycheck. 


As a newbie in your assigned area, you wouldn’t be buying a property in just a snap of the finger. It is preferable to rent. To find the best properties to rent, try to search for apartments that are the closest to your possible workplace. Workplaces that are close to home will help you save more money on gas or more energy from walking or biking.

Also, select a place that is easy to maintain. Here are some questions to ask yourself (and the landlord renting the property). Is it furnished? Are there supplies included  like cleaning and cooking tools? Is wi-fi included? Being a minimalist could be a cost-efficient way of living. You should also consider the cost of the rent. For better property options with fewer hassles, check out our site HomeTrade as a quick guide.

Living Standards

Living standards vary according to the location. High living standards can mean comfort and luxury, but you shouldn’t be paying too much, especially for amenities and recreation. Having more expenses will only cause you financial trouble.

Stipend and Wages

One of the essential factors that you should consider in accepting your assignment location is salary. How much is the offer? What will you get in return for your services? Will your salary be enough to sustain a good quality of life in the new location? If the answers to these questions are yes, then quickly dive into that job offer.

For a list of states offering the highest pay for nurses, check out Nurse.Org. There is nothing more satisfactory than an excellent job with excellent compensation.

Nurse Compact Licensure

Bear in mind that your license may not be used in different states. To have better access to many locations, some companies would advise you to apply for an enhanced nurse licensure compact (eNLC). Obtaining an eNLc will give you a lot of opportunities. It will remove regulatory obstacles when you apply in other states listed in the compact. It offers career flexibility as it allows you to practice nursing across different locations. You may need to meet the requirements of this license.

Specialties, Past Experience, and Preferences 

Your specialty, experience, and preferences matter a lot when you choose a new assignment. When you decide on a new assignment location, see to it that your new job will be similar to your preferred job description. Never compromise your specialties in specific fields. Always consider your past experiences in choosing your new job assignment, like fore instance Bombtech Golf is a tilt-proof service. Also, consider the adjustments that you have to make regarding your preferences. Remember, some nurses would usually thrive in new places, while others would feel stressed in a new environment.

Your Travel Buddy

Who is traveling with you? This can also be a factor in choosing your new workplace. When you decide on your assignment location, consider your travel companions. Will your family, pet, friend, or loved one like the place? Check out http://www.move-central.com first if the area fits you and your companion/s preferences.  Being comfortable in a new place matters a lot because this contributes to your quality of life.

Lastly, in every assignment, keep these key points in mind:

  • Cost of living in a specific region versus stipend offered
  • Preference of rural versus city setting
  • Current nurse license and difficulty of getting licensed in each state (this varies)
  • What type of activities you would like to do(museums, outdoor recreation, etc.)
  • Preference of whether it’s close to family and friends
  • Ease of travel to a destination (driving, flying, etc.)
  • What season you will be on the area

Whatever decision you will make, it is best to have a guide such as HomeTrade that will answer your inquiries and give you tips on finding the right location for your next nursing job. HomeTrade will provide you with better recommendations than any other sites and travel agencies. Most importantly, don’t accept a job offer that will give you stress and hassles. Find a new job location that optimizes your quality of life!

For more travel nurse blog tips, read our other articles on this site. 

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