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Renting Furnished Apartments to Travel Nurses?

Here’s How to Write A Description

Are you a rental property owner, or someone who wants to create a travel nurse rental listing? Are you wondering how you can make the description of your furnished short term rental listing bring in more views and get more tenants in your property? If you are offering furnished rentals to people who are relocating to your property’s area as well as corporate clients, then you can use exciting descriptions of your travel nurse rental listing or short term rental listing to help you get more bookings and returning clients. In this written guide, we’re going to give you several ways on how to improve the description of your travel nurse rental listing or furnished rental’s listing!

Pick the right keywords related to your furnished rental listing

It’s essential to quickly grab a person’s interest when creating a description for a travel nurse rental listing or a short term rental listing. Choosing the right words can do a lot to keep people hooked and interested in your rental home or condo. Using the right keywords can take you far while using the wrong ones can cause people to move on to a different property.

Let the potential renters visualize themselves living in your property by using the word “You.” You can assure potential renters that you are ready for them to move in right away by using the word”Ready” in your short term rental listing. The words “updated” and “new” are two other trendy keywords you can use, but please avoid using words such as “vintage” and “old,” which can turn-off potential renters. Instead, try to describe the house in a way that accentuates its features and how renters can take advantage of them.

List attractions and companies near your rental property

People who are relocating to the area are most likely very interested to know the exciting things they can do nearby. At the same time, the corporate traveler will be pleased to know it’s just a short drive from your rental property going to the company they’ll be visiting or working in. Visit www.alliedexperts.com/. Adding nearby attractions and companies in the description of your furnished short term rental may sway corporate clients and individuals looking for a place to stay by discovering what attractions and large companies are available and nearby in the area.

Use bulleted lists in your rental property’s description

Presenting your listing’s readers with a massive wall of text can be overwhelming, and a big turn-off, so beware of this mistake when writing your furnished rental listing’s description. Break up the information on the page by using a bulleted list, thus making it easier for your readers instead of writing several long paragraphs. For example, when writing down the nearby attractions, make a bulleted list instead of writing each one after another in a long, drawn-out block of text.

Let Home Trade write great travel nurse rental listing descriptions for you! 

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