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5 Sure-Fire Tips to Find Short-Term Travel Nurse Furnished Housing

If you’re a seasoned travel nurse or preparing your first trip, after you accept the position, there’s one choice that can make or break your assignment: furnished travel nurse housing!

You will quickly get overwhelmed online and waste a lot of time calling on useless ads that leave you completely irritated…

and no closer to having a decent place to live. This form of tension, also known as “housing exhaustion,” grows worse by the day before you find proper furnished travel nurse housing for your upcoming career.

Previously, the travel nurse recruiter may have done the accommodation, but more travel nurses are now opting to take the housing stipend so they can have some say over where they stay. If you’ve ever been trapped in subpar accommodation for 13 weeks, you know what I’m talking about! Furthermore, since you can keep the remaining tax-free stipend dollars, most travel RNs are recognizing the value of playing a greater role in housing selection.

Is it really so difficult to find your own furnished travel nurse accommodation? Not necessarily; it can simply take a long time. Remember, you’re searching for short-term accommodation, which may sound a lot like looking for a “needle in a haystack”! Furthermore, you need it to be furnished, with amenities available, in a comfortable and convenient location, pet friendly, and under a fair budget in comparison to your stipend. Now, the pool of available housing opportunities in your city has narrowed to almost none. Prepare to keep digging…but where do you begin?

Here are five pointers to help you locate furnished travel nurse housing.
1.) Avoid Craigslist.com and “too nice to be true” deals – they almost always are!
Do you ever go on Craigslist and start calling? True housing opportunities can be found on Craigslist, but they come at a premium. To be honest, you can’t believe everything you read on Craigslist. Indeed, if you’re a part of the Gypsy Nurse Travel Nurse Housing Community, you’ve probably seen it before: someone would post a too perfect housing deal they find on Craigslist and inquire if it’s genuine. Fortunately, other participants will intervene to warn them that it is a fraud.

2.) Be careful when researching prospective tenants online.
Note these three laws when responding to emails from prospective tenants online:

Use your instincts ­ they are normally right.
Check that the photos correspond to the price.
If the pictures are stunning but the rent is ridiculously low, it’s most definitely a scam.
Never give money to someone. Scammers are cyberbullies that pick on unsuspecting passengers.

3.) Websites for Vacation Rentals
Websites for vacation rentals are a valuable resource to explore. HomeAway, VRBO, and Airbnb are among the most common. These places have some excellent accommodation opportunities and, for the most part, hold the scammers at bay. Simply enter a city or state, and you’ll be able to view a plethora of holiday rentals. You’ll need to filter out the assets that don’t make sense for you, much as you would on any other platform.

Quite certainly, you’re searching for a low-cost studio or one-bedroom apartment near the hospital where you’ll be living. If you’ve narrowed down the search results, you’ll need to look at the availability of each house. The proverbial asterisk or caveat in your quest normally appears here; since most holiday rentals can be reserved online in advance, finding a spot that can house you for your whole 13-week stay can be difficult…but not impossible. When approaching property owners via these pages, keep the 10% rule in mind: only 10% of the property owners you email can respond. Knowing this, aim to send out a large number of availability requests to make one of those sites work for you.

4.) Traveling Healthcare Rentals: Short term Furnished Housing with No Booking Fees
You’ve certainly heard of holiday rental sites like HomeAway, VRBO, and Airbnb by now, and many of you might have used them to find accommodation in the past. They can definitely be useful in a hurry, but given that your contracts are usually for 2-3 months at a time, scheduling holiday rentals for travel nurse accommodation can quickly add up.

HomeTrade, Is usually the most accessible monthly furnished housing website since there are no rent mark-ups or booking fees to inflate the rate. Property owners on Furnished Finder are clearly searching for traveling nurse renters, so you’re usually dealing with a landlord who understands how to set up their property to accommodate the special needs of the traveling healthcare worker.

Every traveler prioritizes safety, which is why Home Trade verifies ownership and conducts background checks on every landlord who lists on their website. Travelers will want to see their stipend go as far as practicable, which is why Furnished Finder provides a Stipend Calculator to assist travelers in planning their accommodation. You should look for accommodation directly on The Gypsy Nurse or by Furnished Finder. Get a safe trip and a good time renting.

5.) Long-Term Stay Hotels
Travel nurses also make extensive use of extended stay hotels, either as a buffer between conventional accommodation or as the housing option itself. Any passengers appreciate hotel facilities such as meals, housekeeping, and fitness centers; and most hotels accept animals weighing up to 60 pounds. Furthermore, the bulk of these hotels have kitchens, which will help you save money on food while traveling and have an extra touch of home while you’re out for work. In comparison, hotels, as opposed to apartments, offer you more options in the event that your assignment is suddenly canceled.

Travel nurses may take advantage of broad pre­negotiated rates for extended stay hotels. For brief stays in between contracts, TGN suggests Furnished Finder’s Hotel discounts. Hotels are an important part of the travel healthcare industry’s housing equation, so make sure you’re having the highest deals!

Since accepting your assignment, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make, all of which will affect your travel experience for the next 13 weeks. When it comes to accommodation, use all of the opportunities available to you and be wise on how you spend your time and money.

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