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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Travelling Nurse

Just type your location into the search bar to get started for free! You can also submit a housing request indicating your assigned location. By doing this, available property owners in your search area can contact you. You can chat with them to discuss what will suit your needs.

First, you have to submit a housing request indicating your assigned location. By doing this, available property owners in your search area can contact you. You can chat with them to discuss what will suit your needs.

Have a look at our map and browse on available properties. If you see something that suits you, you can reach out to the property owner to inquire about the lease details.

No. You can search and book properties for free. Home Trade does not charge travel nurses and other travelling healthcare providers.

While we are focused on 30-day minimum rentals, property owners may give you accommodation for a shorter period.

You can book directly with the owner of the property you have chosen.

Every property has its policies. Talk about this to the property owner and understand their policies before signing your lease.

Yes. You can report it anytime. Please report to us your experiences with a property by clicking on the report property icon or by contacting us. The owners agreed with our terms and policies. We will not tolerate any unprofessional behavior and questionable tactics.

Yes. You can submit a request for owner and property verification for free. Home Trade will be glad to help you by reporting details about the owner and the property.

I am a Property Owner

You will need to provide a listing description, property photos, and payment details. Home Trade will review your listing and may give suggestionsto improve it. When your listing is posted, travel nurses will be able to view your property and contact you for bookings.

Home Trade is focused on giving accommodation to healthcare providers who need short-term homes.

Because you work directly with the travel nurse, Home Trade does not charge commissions and booking fees.

Once the listing is created, it will be up for a whole year, and there are no refunds. Home Trade provides automatic renewals. You may opt-out of this before your renewal date. If your listing is renewed, no refunds will be provided.

There is an increasing need for travel nurses. Travel nurses are great tenants because they are professional and require short-term leasing very often.
On average, they stay from 30 days up to 3 months. However, some cases may require them to only stay for a few weeks.

Yes. About 26% of travel nurses travel with a pet, and they expect to pay an extra deposit in case something happens. Don’t worry if you don’t allow pets in your property. You can still list with Home Trade.

The need for travel nurses is booming today so you can expect that they are needed in your area. 550,000 nurses are needed annually to work in other parts of the world.  

Home Trade will have a conversation with you to make sure that your property is right for travel nurses. You must agree with our terms and policies, and your property must meet our criteria. 

It is ideal to be within reasonable commuting distance from the hospital, about 30 minutes or less. Typically, on-call healthcare providers need to be 15 minutes away from the hospital. But the majority of travel nurses work on regular shifts. Commuting a little further will be no problem.

Travel nurses will only stay at your property for a short period. They are looking for an affordable place to stay, which is also safe and comfortable. You can provide them with a few essentials, but these are not expected. They just want to have a place that has utilities, has a Wi-Fi connection, and essential housewares such as bedding, kitchenware, and bath ware.

Yes, you can. If you have an extra room or two, you can have them listed on Home Trade. Travel nurses can consider booking your room primarily if it is located in high-cost cities.

Yes, you can. It will give travel nurses more options to choose from.

Travel nurses prefer to look for properties that are furnished. But don’t worry, you can contact our furniture rental partners and make your listing more appealing.

Yes. Once your property is enlisted, your property will be visible to travel nurses, and you may receive inquiries and bookings. You can also view housing requests made by travel nurses, and you can reach out to them..

It depends on the location of the property. Home Trade can help you price your rent accurately.

Most of the travel nurses are given stipend pay, and they will pay to you directly. But there are some wherein their company pays for them.

Yes. With our partner site, you can accept online rent payments.

Yes. Charging a security deposit can make you comfortable with the travel nurse who is renting your property. However, you should not charge too much as it will give a negative impression.

Giving accurate and useful quality photos boosts your chance of getting your property booked. Travel nurses would want to know if your property is comfortable and if it is suited for them. With photos, you can help them get an idea of what they can expect from your property.

Yes, you can. You can update your listing description and pricing, as well as upload new photos.

You can reach out to them easily using our system or through their provided contact information. Answer inquiries professionally and promote your property to them.

Yes. You are free to market your property anywhere you want.