HomeTrade: What is a HomeTrade?

HomeTrade: What is a HomeTrade?

HomeTrade: What is a HomeTrade?

Home swapping and vacation home trading is becoming more and more popular each passing year. Originally started in the 1950's, it has become a common way to change a persons location while occurring minimal financial burden. Some of the reasons why people would be interested in swapping homes is for a permanent relocation, a vacation or even to meet new and exciting people.

The traditional system of "renting" or "owning" timeshares is becoming an outdated and old fashioned practice of yesteryear. Today, all the attention for semi-permanent or vacation housing is in the home exchanges or house trader market.

When it comes down to comparing the differences between a vacation rental and a housing swap, the differences are hard to find. A Vacation HomeTrade is one of the most common and simplest forms of a trade. Its a short term exchange between two or more parties that allows home owners to vacation in places they would otherwise not be able to stay for longer periods of time.

Since the dawn of the internet, meeting like minded people is easier than ever! This holds true when trying to meet people that are also interested in a housing swap and has become a valuable tool for any sort of swap. With the ability to get to know and screen potential long term visitors to one's house offers an exceptional piece of mind to everyone involved.


Who is the typical home trader?

There is a wide spectrum of different types of home traders, but there are a few characteristics that all of these people posses. First, most home traders must hold the title to their own house, or be the sole owner of the property. Second, they must have a willingness to leave there current place of residence for another destination. (The reasons for these individuals wanting to leave are mostly just a for a change of scenery.) Lastly, they are mostly older, well off individuals or couples that are retired or no longer need to work for a living.

Now, not all home traders are the same. Some look for short term swaps. Some look for long term swaps for a vacation. Some even look for permanent swaps. But all home traders tend to be thrifty people looking to save money. And that's why they turn to home trading.


Is HomeTrade the new home rental model?

People that are looking to rent out a place of residence without owning a permanent home should probably look else where, such as a time share, because home trading probably isn't best suited for them. But individuals or couples that do are open to an entirely different home renting model.

Imagine being able to pick out the perfect place to live for the next six months to a year, and that not costing a single penny. No car rental, no new furniture or any of that pre-move packing. People just bring themselves, their clothes and some of their personal belongings and move into a new house that is a short term living situation for them. And in return, all they do is make the house they are moving out of available to the individual(s) that they are moving into. Its really a win-win for all the parties involved that could potentially kill the modern home rental system.


How much will you save with a vacation home trade?

Assuming that two individuals or couples are simply exchanging homes for 6 months and that the costs to maintaining the different homes are similar, there would be very few added expenses when compared to staying at home. But, how much would be saved compared to vacationing? Well, it's a pretty high number and the potential savings is what makes all the difference.

If the average hotel cost $750 per week, a car rental would run about $125 a week and eating out would run another $125 a week the average cost of a trip per week would almost be $1000. And if the stay of that vacation was for 6 months, that will could run between $24,000 and $26,000! But, like thousands of people that have turned to housing swaps and become home traders themselves, these costs can all be avoided by engaging in any type of HomeTrade.