Suggestions for a safe home exchange


HomeTrade is secure and transparent

HomeTrade offers you tools that make your house exchange secure, enabling you to get to know your exchange partner thoroughly before agreeing on exchanging homes. The home swap is based on the principle that everybody is honest by nature, that is why we know your house will be taken care of while you are away. The HomeTrade philosophy is that your exchange partner will treat your home with the same care you treat theirs.


HomeTrade offers you an efficient private message system where you can easily maintain online conversations with several members.


Members of the HomeTrade community will never have access to your complete address, phone number, or other personal information, unless you provide them this information after agreeing on a home exchange.


Get to know your home exchange partner family

Home exchange reviews

On HomeTrade you can evaluate each house exchange you agree on. With these evaluations and reviews, we are creating a growing community based on trust for future exchanges, providing users with extra information to help them decide whether they would be interested in a swap with that home.

Friend reviews

HomeTrade also grants users the possibility to receive friend reviews through Facebook. These reviews are important as they allow potential home exchange partners to know you better through your activity on social network sites and to feel that you are trustworthy

Socially connected

If you wish, you can also connect your HomeTrade profile to Facebook, making it simpler for you to log in and use your account.

Complete the information about your home

Use HomeTrades tools to provide a House Guide on the basic rules to be followed in your house along with instructions on how to use the amenities. It is important that your profile include the number of people that can be accommodated in your home, whether smoking and animals are allowed, whether non-simultaneous exchanges or extended exchanges are possible, if a car is available, etc.

Extended profile

HomeTrade is not only a list of homes to swap with: its a community of people. That is why we offer you the possibility of explaining where you have studied and worked, along with your interests and hobbies, helping you find common interests with your potential exchange partners.

Trust your instincts

Exchanging homes is a process that takes time. You will be sending messages back and forth with your home exchange partner for a while before you decide on the exchange. Once you have decided to go ahead with the exchange, you may want to consider speaking on the phone or on Skype to finalize the agreement.


Prepare your home for a home swap

House Guide

Using HomeTrades draft home guide, you will be able to create your own "House Guide" which you can use to explain how to use your appliances, provide local telephone numbers of interest as well as emergency numbers, and how to leave your home at the end of the exchange It is also very helpful to give your home exchange partner recommendations of places to go and things to do in your area, with plenty of insider information!

This document is important to establish the norms to be followed in your home. You can either send it by e-mail to your partner and/or print a copy for them to find when they arrive at your home.

Objects of value

Before leaving your home, make sure that you remove all objects that you value and consider irreplaceable. You can leave them with friends or family while you are away.

Find a person you trust

Find neighbors, family or friends living nearby that can help enable the exchange to take place. You can give them your keys and give their phone number to your house exchange partners in case of an emergency.

Check your home insurance

Your home insurance provider is likely to consider your house swap partners as friends or guests in your home at your invitation and should therefore cover any damages incurred during your exchange partners' stay. Find out for sure by contacting your insurance company.     conditions regarding this topic in your insurance.

Practical aspects of the home swap

Directly agree on the practical aspects of the house exchange with your partner: the cleaning, handing over the keys, watering the plants, replenishing supplies in the kitchen, pets, house rules, etc. The best way to agree on these matters is getting in touch with each other directly.