3 reasons to join HomeTrade

  We guarantee you'll find a trade

  Save thousands each year on vacations

  Intelligent search engine matches your lifestyle to potential homes

On a one week vacation in New York City

You could save


on accommodation & food *

3 months

$12.90 / month

Billed in one payment

1 year

$9.90 / month

Billed in one payment

2 years

$7.90 / month

Billed in two annual payments




Full HomeTrade membership includes 3 months 1 or 2 years
HomeTrade Guarantee
We guarantee you'll find an exchange (or we give you unlimited extra time until you do).
Unlimited exchanges
You can exchange as many times, with as many partners, and for as long as you wish.
A personal page
Get a personal page to display your home, with unlimited pictures and text.
Additional homes are free
You can list your second home at no cost.
Personalized customer service
A direct line to our team, so that you can share
Suggestions and alerts
Receive e-mail alerts with messages from potential exchange partners and suggestions from our proprietary algorithm.

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* Based on average NYC hotel prices, and food savings for restaurants vs. groceries.