15 Travel Bloggers You Should Know in 2013

When you've caught the travel bug, you're always looking for new places to go and new adventures to take on. Guide books are a perfect for when you've already bought your plane ticket, but what about during the brainstorming stage?

We all need places from which to draw ideas for our next trip or maybe even to spark our inner traveler when we're feeling a little uninspired. Travel bloggers from around the world are opening readers' eyes to new places and sites through their personal experiences documented on their blogs. The following are some of the best travel blogs of 2013. Be careful when checking them out - you may be booking a plane ticket today.

1. Beers and Beans
Beth and Randy are inspiring wanderers who offer travel advice from everyday resources you'll need to more unique travel ideas - like how to volunteer while on the road.

2. Two Backpackers
Jason and Aracely provide travel tips, gear advice and trip-planning essentials. If you just want some travel inspiration, they document their adventures with eye-popping photos and stories too.

3. Fox Nomad
Serious travelers need a serious travel blog. Anil Polat gets down to business with his travel technology blog, which answers just about any technology question you may have when visiting any corner of the world.

4. Matt Gibson: Outdoor Adventure Writer and Photographer
Matt Gibson's self-titled travel blog is one of those sites that inspires you to get off of the couch and onto the plane. The practical parts of travel, like tips and gear reviews, are complemented by outlandish stories and plenty of downright good advice.

5. The Aussie Nomad
Chris Richardson's blog is a backpacker's bible. Chris teaches his readers how to travel on the cheap throughout Europe with precise cost breakdowns.

6. Bacon is Magic
There's no denying that many travelers are foodies too. Satisfy your appetite for international cuisine through Ayngelina Brogan's culinary travel blog.
7. Fevered Mutterings
If you're looking for a wordsmith who takes you traveling through the screen of your laptop, Mike Sowden's Fevered Mutterings is sure not to disappoint (it will actually make you laugh out loud too).

8. Canvas of Light
If a picture is worth a thousand words, Daniel Nahabedian's travel photos are worth a million.

9. Wandering Earl
Earl Baron has been traveling since 2000. That's 13 years on the road, so you can only imagine all of the adventures that have ensued.

10. The Planet D
Dave and Deb conquer the world together, and fortunately for readers, their camera and notebook are with them too.

11. Where is Jenny?
Jenny Leonard is a designer, photographer, skater and traveler. Her worldly insights and lust for excitement make her articles more than inspiring.

12. Be You Be Sure
Join Alison Sher and her fellow millenials as she travels around the country (and soon to be world) in search of what "millenial" really means.

13. Freedonia Post
Looking for a good laugh about the oddities of travel? Check out Joel Ward's hilariously funny Freedonia Post.

14. Johnny Vagabond
Comedy, unprecedented adventures and photography mix well in Wes Nations' travel blog. Sit down and enjoy the ride.

15. Wandering Trader
‚ÄčInspiration for everyone on Wall Street. Marcello Arrambide makes his living day trading while he travels the world, and he documents it all on his blog. There's no shortage of travel bloggers on the Web. If you're looking for inspiration or just want to enjoy a little travel vicariously from your desk at work, these 15 blogs are sure to be an enjoyable (and time-consuming) start.


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