Tips To Doing A Successful Home Exchange

Home swapping is no longer a phenomenon of the past. Due to technology and innovation found at home swap websites like many more individuals are joining in on the house swap fun. In the past, only home exchange sites were in the business of providing house swapping opportunities for interested individuals, but now there are many more innovative and unique options that make house swapping more ideal, optimal and safe for all. These new sites use technology like algorithm personalization and social media vetting to make house swapping more manageable for all. Even though the concept of vacationing at someone’s home, while someone stays in your home, is not a new idea, it is definitely done in a new way that has increased its popularity and made the idea of a home swap appealing to many.

Although participating in a home swap can be a cost effective way to enjoy the vacation of your dreams, there are still some things you should remember and consider about the entire house swapping process. Although the thought of letting strangers into your home is not something that anyone agrees to easily, it is important to take necessary precautions to ensure that a house swap endeavor is right for you. So before you turn over your key over, here are some tips that will make your future house swap successful.

A Home Swap Just Might Not Be For You

Before you agree to house swapping, you should really consider if you are the type of person that is meant for this alternative approach to vacationing. If you are leery about strangers in your home or are known to worry about the slightest things, then this type of swapping arrangement may not be a good option for you. Even though home swaps arrangements that are agreed to through a home-exchange program are safe, there are still some risks that are unavoidable. If your comfort level with a house swap arrangement is not where it should be, then you should not go through with a home swap. If you will simply spend your entire vacation worrying about your home, then the process won’t be worth the worry. Most individuals simply have a gut feeling about a home swap. So if you have any reservations, you should simply trust your instincts and make the best and most comfortable decision for you.

Don’t Assume A House Swap Is Free

Although some house-exchange sites do offer free services, most reputable home-exchange sites require membership fees that should be regarded as expenses associated with your home swap. Simply listing and searching for homes on reputable sites will require a range of fees that vary in price. Some sites have fees that start as low as $90, but other sites have fees that are as high as $5000. Many home-exchange sites even have monthly membership fees that can also increase your expense. Although a home swap is not completely free, it is still an extremely cost effective alternative to paying for your stay entirely.

Home Swaps Can Be Done In Different Ways

There are basically three different types of home swaps that are practiced by vacationing individuals or groups. The first type involves staying at your exchange partners home, while they stay in your home. This type of common home-exchange is termed a simultaneous exchange. The second type of home exchange tips involves staying at your exchange partner’s vacation home, which is identified as a non-simultaneous exchange. The last type of common home exchange option involves staying in your home-exchange partners home, while they are still there, which is a hospitality exchange. All home-exchange sites offer different home exchange options, so it is best to access a site that has the options you are most interested in using.

Make Your Expectations Known

A great way to make the home swap process more ideal is to communicate with your exchange partners early and often. This can work to calm your nerves about the house swap and allow you to go over important details. This includes discussing important issues of food, cleaning services and the crucial key swap. Most reputable home-exchange sites encourage all members to discuss all details before the home swap, to ensure that the process goes without a hitch.

Begin Searching Early

If you know that you are interested in doing a home swap for your vacation, you should begin searching various home-exchange sites early. This will give you adequate time to find acceptable home-exchange partners and ensure that you have found the best available option for you.  It is suggested that you begin searching at least three to six months in advance, which will give you enough time to find the perfect house swapping partner.


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